Black Soldier Fly

Eat a lot and almost everything BSFL grow extremely fast due to their ability to eat over twice the amount of their own body weight every day. This can be compared to an average human eating 1400 hot dogs in one day
Grow rapidly BSF eggs hatch into larvae in approximately 4 days and will eat and grow for 10-14 days. After about a week they enter the pupal stage. Within the period of hatching, BSFL will grow to 5,000 times of their original size. This growth rate can be compared to a chick growing to the size of a tiger
Almost indestructible It was found that BSFL can survive extreme conditions such as a two hours immersion in pure rubbing alcohol and can be centrifuged at 2000 G’s which is 200 times the force exerted by a fighter jet
Enviromentally safe The only feed BSFL need is organic meal leftovers. No fresh water is required as the food moisture is enough for them. On the output side, insects are used as a feed for farmed animals and fish with further extraction of oils and polysaccharides for other applications (e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc) and the other outputs are used as a fertilizer. This means that the whole process is environmentally friendly and sustainable
Super clean BSFL's digestive system naturally destroys harmful bacteria that could be found in their food. As a result,, no odor is produced since all waste is consumed very quickly and efficiently
Little energy packets Because BSF cannot eat as they do not even have functioning mouths, BSFL will fatten-up before becoming flies and will build-up huge amounts of fat (i.e. energy) to burn off as fuel when turning into the adults
Space-savers BSFL naturally grow in such high densities that one ton of them can be raised in a space compared to the size of a Smart Car
Zero greenhouse gas emission By recycling food scraps using BSFL, we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Reproduce very fast The adult BSF has a life span of 5 to 8 days. An adult female lays between 600-800 eggs at a time