Organic waste management

of organic waste created by humans every year
food volumes worth about $1.2 trillion are lost every year

Why is food waste such a GLOBAL CONCERN?

About 95% of the discarded food ends up in landfills or combustion facilities. Once in landfills, the food breaks down to produce METHANE (a potent greenhouse gas) affecting our environment and contributing to CLIMATE CHANGE
A tremendous amount of water used to grow our food is ultimately discarded. A shocking fact: throwing out an apple is like pouring 25 gallons of water down the drain, while beef has a water footprint of 1,800 gallons per pound

In the US

Combined food and yard trimmings account for the biggest share of America’s landfill trash
Food waste in America has grown by over 204% since 1960 and 50% since 1990
35 million tons of food is thrown away in America every year, 25% of all fresh water and huge amounts of energy and land are also being wasted because of that
Most discarded food ends up in landfills where organic matter accounts for 16% of U.S. methane emissions