Our process

1. Organic waste lading sector
2. Feedstock preparation sector
3. Incubator
4. Lab / Office
5. Insectary
6. Warehouse
7. Rearing
8. Technical rooms
9. Separation sector
10. Technical rooms

Intecla is transforming organic food waste into sustainable agriculture products:

Organic fertilizer

Promotes accelerated plant growth

Stimulates plant immunity

Feed protein

BSF contains up to 63% of protein

An ideal feed for aquaculture, pets, poultry and cattle


High amount of lauric and linoleic acids

Potential uses in cosmetics and industrial applications


Stimulates immune cells

Antibiotic-like effect in animal feeds

Applications ranging from water purification to pharmaceuticals


50,000 tonsof food waste annually


22,500 tonsof organic fertilizer
1,900 tonsof protein
1000 tonsof insect oil
180 tonsof chitin